Septic Tank Repair

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Experienced Septic System Repairs

When your septic tank needs repair, it is not a small problem. You may be experiencing a slow drainage issue, or you could have toxic sewage backing up. Waste that has not decomposed must be removed. If not, it can become detrimental to the environment, may clog your leach field piping, and decrease soil porosity. Reptiles, birds, and insects are at risk from malfunctioning septic systems.

If you value your environment and are conscious of your environmental footprint, addressing your septic tank needs is of the utmost priority. Some of our customers grow beautiful plants and flowers over their leach fields. When the soil porosity is low, it will have a negative impact on anything growing there. Call SepTek for a free quote on septic system repair today.

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Signs You Need Septic Repair

There are four signs which determine if your septic system needs repair. If you notice that your indoor plumbing fixtures are draining slowly, try using an EPA-approved drainage solution. If the problem persists, contact SepTek for repairs.

The most obvious sign is a foul odor emanating from the tank and permeating throughout your home. This is the tank’s way of informing you that more foulness is on the way, so you better get prepared.

Fortunately, new systems are installed with alarms. Check for a red flashing light or beeping. Verdant grass likes to grow over cracked septic covers. If you notice significant growth, contact SepTek right away.

The Repair Process

Septic technology is very simple, and therefore, whenever a repair is necessary, it is usually due to a clog or leak. SepTek technicians will first open the septic cover and check the water levels. If the water is below the inlet, we will flush it out. Checking the drainpipe is the next step to see if the leach field is plugged up.

SepTek uses a powerful VAC truck, the most powerful in the area. It uses a high-pressure water jet to remove the sludge from the leach lines and allow normal flow. Due to normal wear and tear, lid repair may be necessary. If this is the case, we will repair any cracks and scrape the lid for optimum performance.

Repair Cost

The cost to repair your septic tank depends on the damage. You may have a small issue that can be repaired by yourself, or if your tank is older, you may have more than one issue to deal with. At SepTek, we offer high-quality services at affordable prices. Plus, we will provide you with information to help ensure that you can keep your septic tank in the best condition to avoid the need for repairs in the future.

Probability of Repairs

A common question amongst homeowners is, "How often do I need to repair this thing?" We understand that septic system issues are a nightmare. To prevent malfunctions and the need for repairs, be conscious of how you utilize your system. Make sure that everyone in your household knows not to flush paper towels, food, cigarette butts, and pharmaceuticals down the toilet.

Antibacterial soaps, toxic drain line openers, paint thinners, insecticides, and grease should never be poured down your drains. Other than that, use your system as intended, and you should be able to go years without any issues.

If you do run into an issue and think that your septic tank may need to be repaired, be sure to contact a team that you can trust. At SepTek, we offer reliable septic repair services in Franklin and surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more.

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