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Before you have a new septic tank installed, call SepTek Services, and we'll evaluate if we can fix it first.

Septic Tank Pumping & Cleaning

If you currently have an operating septic tank on your property, you are required to show proof that your tank is under a maintenance program. At SepTek Services, we have the skills and experience to keep your septic system in compliance and operating at maximum efficiency. Septic tanks should be pumped every three to five years, while certain circumstances may require an annual pumping. Regular maintenance and pumping are the best way to ensure that your septic tank continues to work properly, avoid clogs or backups, and prevent your leach field from being blocked.

Our team at SepTek Services possesses the expertise and skills to perform professional pumping on a routine basis to ensure clogs or backups do not occur for your peace of mind. This includes the necessary steps of determining sludge level, testing for leakage, inspecting the tank, and pumping the tank.

Septic Tank Installation

The installation of a septic tank involves many important steps. And if a tank is not installed properly, your property and environment can suffer serious consequences.

Before any work can begin, a permit must be obtained. We’ll inspect your tank before installation to ensure it is free from defects. Our excavating team then digs a hole to accommodate the size of your tank, followed by lowering the tank into place on a solid, level surface. Our use of top-rated, heavy-duty equipment and advanced technology guarantee that your tank is installed to the required specifications.

At SepTek Services, we’re proud to say that our septic installations always pass inspection on the first try. Our installers are well-versed in the laws governing septic inspections and maintenance. We have more than 20 years of experience and can guarantee your satisfaction with no mistakes.

Septic Tank Repair

Most septic tank repairs involve a clog or leak in your system. When you sense a foul odor coming from your tank or permeating through your home, chances are that repairs are necessary to your septic tank. At the first sign of an issue, your first action should be to contact the trustworthy team at SepTek Services.

Our technicians are highly skilled at locating problems and recommending the necessary steps in performing repairs. We’ll first open the septic cover and check the water levels. If the water is below the inlet, we will flush it out. The next step is to check the drainpipe to see if the leach field is plugged.

We use a powerful VAC truck with a high-pressure water jet to remove the sludge from the leach lines and allow normal flow. If lid repair is needed, we’ll repair any cracks and scrape the lid for optimum performance.

At SepTek Services, we’re always happy to provide you with helpful information on keeping your septic system clear and in the best condition to avoid future repairs.

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