Leach Field Inspection & Repair

Specialists in Leach Field Inspection and Repair

Improperly treated sewage negatively affects our water supply by leaching into groundwater and wells. When humans and animals consume this toxic water, it can cause dysentery, hepatitis, and other foreign pathogens. The reason why properly maintained septic systems are so important is that they have the propensity to wreak havoc on our rivers, lakes, and streams. Every living being that utilizes these natural bodies of water has the potential to be affected.

Where there is stagnant water, you will find blood-sucking mosquitos and disease-carrying flies. Both these insects have the propensity to distribute bacteria and viruses. Compromised water is typically nitrite laden. Nitrites are not good for mammals and are especially harmful to babies, pregnant women, and those with compromised immune systems. SepTek has over 60 years of experience, so count on us for expert leach field inspections.

Tools We Use

The tools used to inspect and repair your leach field are rather rudimentary. A high jet and vacuum are utilized to clear drain lines and remove toxins. Expert SepTek technicians will pump out your tank and leave a small amount of sludge at the bottom. We will jet the drain lines to clear any debris and repeat this process for each one.

It is recommended that the tank be pumped every three years to remove solids and greases from the tank. Drain lines must be cleaned every ten to twenty years. For more information about the services we offer, contact SepTek to speak with our experienced staff members.

The Repair Process

SepTek technicians don’t have to take unnecessary steps to ascertain the health of your system when they have visual proof. Once we locate the tank and distribution box, we pump the tank and leave a minor layer of sludge at the bottom. The distribution box or D-box is typically five feet away from the tank. We will inspect the tank to make sure the baffles are operating properly. If you happen to have a dry well pump, we will drain it and pressure-wash the side walls.

Maintenance Cost

Thankfully, you won’t have to see our beautiful faces for another two to five years. With proper maintenance and usage, your septic system should last a lifetime. The repairs we make are designed with your budget and your family’s health in mind. By calling us, you are making the right decision to protect your family and your environment. Maintenance costs are standard and are dependent upon the capacity of your tank and the number of chambers or perforated pipes installed. Our prices are the most reasonable in the county. Our inspection and repair costs are priced below market value. Contact SepTek for a complete price listing.

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