Image of a man pumping a septic Tank

Why You Need to Clean Your Septic System

When you own a home in a rural area, you likely have a septic system to take care of your waste. More than 1 in 5 households in the United States depend on individual onsite or small community cluster systems (septic systems) to treat their wastewater. Commonly composed of a septic tank, drainage, and leech fields to help dispose of waste, septic system cleaning should be a routine part of maintaining your overall system.

By investing in septic cleaning services, you'll not only keep your system in working condition but be privy to a whole host of other benefits as well. Follow along with the reasons below to find out why you should take advantage of septic system cleaning services.

Prevent Water Pollution on Your Property

By becoming familiar with how a septic system works, you'll orient yourself to how septic cleaning can benefit you in numerous ways. When the liquid matter in your septic tank eventually makes its way to a drain field, the solid matter in your tank turns into a sort of sludge that prevents the passage of liquids. Over time, the small amount of liquid in the tank combined with this sludge can stagnate and eventually pollute your groundwater or surrounding area. By making sure that this organic material is eventually removed and your tank is cleaned regularly, you can prevent pollution from happening on your property and potentially incurring hefty fines or headaches.

Clogged Tanks Cost Money

The enemy of the septic tank is clogged waste material. This often happens over time if the tank has not been used for a while or if not enough liquid has passed through in some time. It's not an issue to worry about if your system gets regular septic cleaning, but if it's been a while since this has happened, then a clogged tank may, unfortunately, be in your future. Instead of worrying about the state of your septic system or how much organic material is in your tank, have peace of mind by getting a septic cleaning.

Save Money and Stay Efficient

It might not seem as attractive as a dishwasher or coffee maker, but a septic tank is an appliance just like anything else in your home. Over time, if it is not taken care of, it will lose efficiency and value and incur hefty costs later on. By engaging in regular septic cleaning, you'll save money over time by making the right financial decisions today. Make sure that your septic system stays efficient so that you can keep using it when you really need it!

It Will Improve Your Home's Value

If you're not looking to sell your home, then it can be hard to gauge what raises or lowers your home's value. Upkeep on appliances, new paint jobs, maintenance of the structure, and landscaping help improve your home's value. It should not be news that regular septic cleaning, along with maintenance records, will keep your home's value stable or improve it. New homeowners want to know that they'll be able to flush the toilet or take a shower without bringing the household's water system to a stop, and regular septic cleaning will help them feel at ease.

The Power of Clean

Septic cleaning is vitally essential to your home's water health and overall functioning. Instead of having to wait until something terrible happens to recognize the power of a good septic cleaning, be proactive about your home's maintenance and seek it out today. Whether you're helping to prevent groundwater pollution or want to maintain your home's value, call SepTek for a septic cleaning today!