4 Signs Your Septic System Needs A Cleaning

Is your septic system due for cleaning?

Check out this post from SepTek to learn about the signs that suggest you need to schedule septic tank cleaning.

Usually, your septic system will leave subtle signals that it needs cleaning before it reaches problematic standards. Thankfully, in most instances, septic cleaning is a relatively easy process when it is completed by the plumbing professionals at SepTek. We have the tools and the knowledge to get the job done right the first time. However, to ensure you’re prepared, we wanted to share some things that you can look out for that indicate your system is due for a cleaning.

a man pinching his nose to stop bad odor.

There’s A Strange Odor

Typically, odor is one of the first things—if not the first thing—that people notice when their septic system is becoming clogged. These odors are prominent, unpleasant, and uncomfortable. If you notice a strange odor coming from your sewage, it’s time to get it cleaned.

 a septic system in a grass field.

Slow Drainage

Like anything else, warning signs will appear in the form of decreased productivity with your septic tank. It may start draining really slowly, leaving you confused and frustrated. This can happen even if septic tanks are otherwise properly cared for. It’s simply a sign that it needs to be cleaned out.

a hose cleaning sludge from a septic tank system.

Your Appointment Is Pre-Scheduled

We try to keep our clients’ septic tanks clean year-round, and much like the dentist, we’ll schedule your appointment for you to ensure routine service doesn’t get overlooked. As a result, we are vigilant in terms of our clients’ needs.

bright green grass.

Bright Green Grass

This may sound counterintuitive, as most of us perceive green, luscious grass as signs of a healthy environment. However, suspiciously green, lush grass does not always mean things are better on the other side. In fact, it’s a clear warning sign that you’re due for a septic cleaning or septic pumping.

While most are unpleasant, many of the signs that indicate the need for septic tank cleaning services are routine. As with all other systems, your septic tank will need regular maintenance to keep running smoothly. If left unchecked, an unclean septic tank could prove to be a serious health risk. Don’t delay. If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms, schedule a septic cleaning with SepTek today!

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